“I bring the spirit of the animal alive”

chinook blast

A series of sculptures that look like ice, don’t melt, and seem to glow from within. They are created in a low poly style, with enough detail to form recognizable shapes, while allowing your imagination to fill in the details. I am fascinated by how bigger things are made up of smaller things repeated, and I try to bring that fractal nature of reality into my art. By lighting the edges of the layers I can control how the light flows and where it refracts, to not only light the edges but also the details inside, illuminating the geometric pattern that brings it all together.

Each sculpture is made of layers of cast acrylic; they weigh between 300lbs to 500lbs and stand approximately 42'' high. For display, they sit on top of metal hexagon stands which are 42'' in diameter. Once attached to a power source, they change colors in an ongoing display.

Power Requirements:
Each stand is filled with LED and lights can be powered by 120v power at a low voltage draw, or can be set up to run off of battery power.